Notes in the Cell Phone 10

By: persona

Apr 15 2013

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Category: Prose, Writing

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Focal Length:8.557mm
Shutter:5 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot S95

She sat motionless in front of the observation windows. Away from me. Back and ebony hair unmoving. Her stillness was uncanny. Her implied melancholy fascinating. Beyond the windows, at an angle that escaped me, were unknown somethings that captured the windows of her soul and held them in rapture. Windows frustrating in their transparency, profiling the soft outline of her figure in evanescent reflections that gave no detail. I wondered about her. She, sitting in her small furred boots slightly pigeon-toed. She, immobile and mysterious. A faraway observer of things unobserved. A quiet determination. A beautiful enigma. Presently she moved, and in her motion to brush a lock of flyaway hair behind her ear, I saw the object of her superhuman attention. An iPhone.