Outside or Inside?

By: persona

Mar 19 2012

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Category: Prose, Rant, Writing


People sometimes joke that university is more a place of intellectual confinement than freedom. How did this student feel, standing in a dark, damp classroom in the basement of [the building], looking through barred windows at the sight of a new graduate posing beside those ivy-covered walls, proudly photographed by even prouder parents? Strangely, everyone takes their pictures outside, even though to earn their graduation, they should have spent much more time in the classrooms inside. But then again, perhaps the idea of [the university], with its old-fashioned architecture and rich history, is much better suited to be the backdrop to your gown and cap? Perhaps the reality of [the university], with its tests and classrooms, is better off forgotten? To he who stands inside the prison of reality, the freedom of escape, of denial, is beginning to look just as enslaving. Am I looking out of those bars or in?


2 comments on “Outside or Inside?”

  1. I’d definitely prefer to have my photos taken inside! Anybody can have their photos taken outside, but not everybody can have them taken in the halls and classrooms and your favorite library corner!

    • This is something I can agree with! I’d like to take some at the places I study as well. Maybe one where I’m pretending to fall asleep at a library table – the same scene as always, but for the last time =D

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